Again, the universe is SO silly

This morning I was hydrated enough to get my running shoes on and head out with my loyal running partner for a 3 miler. We wove our way through the cows and puddles and dogs and motorcycles until they gave way to our familiar mountain path, the terrain shifting to a tree lined dirt path. Similarly, our the conversation wove its way from saris to boys and finally settled on yoga. But of course, right? After all, yoga is the microcosmic practice of life.

I shared with her my fear and anxiety about the upcoming week, in which I teach my first full two hour yoga class. Just me. And a class of 20 students. That’s my first diversion from the truth. When my teaching slot comes, I will find myself in a room with just me. Teacher/student. No difference. It’s cliché, but it’s true: we are all here to learn. Life. It’s just that we learning through our bodies.

The universe always brings you the guru you need right when you need them. The same applies to when you need honey lemon ginger tea. True story.


This all happened in one day











1. Sometimes you wake up and before breakfast, you gotta have a dance party.
2. The color palate for my hippie barn
3. The Kelly and Perry Show
4. Pew Pew!
5. Lunch view/freedom café
6. Write a post about margaritas and coronas and the universe will give you nachos.
7. I’ll take all of them, please.
8. “Of course, I knew it was your shadow the minute I saw it. And I said to myself, “I’ll put it away for him until he comes back. He’s sure to come back”. And you did, didn’t you.”
9. In a side alley, in a tiny shop of mostly shawls…I find this Free People gem. $6.
10. A hippie sunset

Nothing is the space required for something

I’ve had such a beautiful show of support since my post about where to go from here. People have shared their stories of struggling with similar situations and, with a sincere wish for the best, they encourage me to be patient. Thank you to everyone who reached out; I am very grateful.

The last few days have brought a shift from a limited scope of the mind to no scope at all: A situation that I had invested in, mostly with love (the most expensive currency), and on which I had been relying for support was suddenly taken away. My plan of where I was going from here was destroyed, shattered by another individual’s ignorant choices. My choice: leave that situation behind. This meant letting go of the plan I had settled on. I was scared. I found myself in a panic, thinking what have I done in letting this situation go!?? I am left with no plan!

Nothing is the space required for something.

I learned today that in order to have something you have to make space for it to exist. Space is the lack of object: no thing: nothing. By letting go of the plan I had limited myself to, I opened up to infinite possibilities.