How do you like your eggs, girl?

Over breakfast this morning I had a question: Eggs. The ones I eat. What’s up with them? Are they little baby chickens?


I investigated and my interpretation is sort of. When we eat an egg we are eating the potential of a baby chick. You see, a hen produces and lays an egg about every 26 hours. If the egg has been fertilized, it will be incubated and then hatch into a sweet little baby chick. If it has not been fertilized its just the potential of a chick, and it ends up as the main ingredient in our breakfast burritos. Honestly, it sounds a lot like the human female menstruation cycle where the body throws out the unfertilized egg. And now, in the same post, we have breakfast burritos and menstruation. Appetizing!



After experiencing the most phenomenal Indian food while in Rishikesh, I’ve been trying to recreate some of it here in Delhi. Indian food seems to have a common base of spices and has been quick to throw together. I also don’t end up with a bunch of pots and pans to clean; most recipes are one pan only, cooking veggies in a sauce mixture for a few minutes…then, done! Healthy and tasty. Here’s some of what I’ve been trying:

Sunrise special

20130308-031525.jpg Bhindi – fantastic Indian dish made with ochre. Here’s the recipe I used:

20130308-032018.jpg The beginning stage of aloo gobi. So good! Here’s the recipe:

20130308-032650.jpg Vegetable korma. I failed on this one as I didn’t read the entire recipe before starting. Who puts “diced, cooked, cooled potato – 2” in the ingredients list?? That’s not an ingredient, that’s a cooking step!