Day one – Pranayama

Today has been a longlong day but jammed with basic yoga information.

The day started off with morning yoga practice from 6am until 9. The wind howled and tried its best to bring down the building during the few hours of sleep I caught between my arrival and morning practice, so climbing out of my warm bed and leaving sunny beach weather in my dreams was my first great challenge of the day. Having not practiced in some time, I was struggling with even the simplest poses. To be expected, I suppose. Breakfast was simple with fruit and toast followed by a break. Classes have been extremely informative and challenging and shift subject matter at the perfect intervals, as to not become boring. My room is all set up with homey things I brought, with a string of tiny lantern Christmas lights running the ceiling, a handcrafted wood painting from thailand propped next to the bed, and a big down comforter to nest in.

fun fact: I was the first of my classmates to be scolded.