Sutra scholar on campus this week. Came in from Chicago to be with us and his presentation tonight was equal parts light and heavy. We are talking universal consciousness, after all. At the end of the talk I asked him about manifesting and why we manifest trees that are green and flowers that are yellow and so on. His first response is that the green I manifest is different than the green someone else manifests. I prodded further and said ok well if we are the universal consciousness and out of nothing comes something, then I could manifest a unicorn if I wanted to! He said yes but there would be two unicorns, the one I manifested and also the one that would manifest itself when it’s optimal manifesting potential presented itself in that unicorns life journey. Woah.

After the talk, I chatted with him about how the universal mind manifests itself all the time, in moments we have come to label as “coincidence”. He agreed and shared some of his experiences of tapping into the universal mind and I shared my experiences of running around in chaos and wonderment yelling “The universe is so silly!!!“.

As I left for the evening, just as my hand touched the door handle, I heard this elder sutra scholar call out after me: “Don’t forget to bring your unicorn to class tomorrow.”


Level up, hippie.

We are knee-deep in philosophy and Roshan is dropping some fantastic knowledge. We are discussing how the mind is a filter through which inner consciousness (the soul, if you will) sees outer consciousness (matter). I raise my hand and ask why this barrier has to exist: if we are consciousness and matter is consciousness then why does this veil (mind) exist that clouds our perception? The mind is causing all this ruckus with its coloring of what we observe. It seems that our perception is LIMITED by the mind. I gave an example of a flower. When I see a flower, I touch it and think it is soft. I smell it and think it is fragrant. I see its color and think it is vibrant. Through my five senses I am experiencing consciousness which is manifesting as a flower. But the same consciousness is manifesting as me or you or this computer. So, in this example, if we agree that we have pure consciousness (me) looking at pure consciousness (the flower), then the mind just gets in the way, right? Because really (and then I said it:)

I AM the flower but because of my mind I experience the flower as separate from me.”

Oh man. Super hippie, level up.