The Swimming Cities of Serenissima

20130330-230005.jpgOne of the most beautiful, inspiring privileges of being human: we can manifest anything we want. Anything. We do it all the time but we call it different things. The computer you are using right now is a physical manifestation of a thought. Extrapolate this notion to everything we see, experience. If we are, at our core,pure creative consciousness and everything around us is a manifestation of that and therefore also creative consciousness, then we can bring any thing or any situation into existence.
Anyway, when someone does this, really manifests something brilliant and inspiring, it’s so wonderful. People respond with love because we all recognize a piece of ourselves in their manifesting. Take Swoon for example: She dreamed about boats and the ocean which eventually manifested as a fleet of repurposed rubbish floating across the Adriatic Sea. An inspiring interview with her can be found here; I highly recommend a look! The photographs alone are stunning.





A moment for reflection

It has been a year since my move out to California.  Here is how my life has developed:

I have learned to stand up for my dreams…aye, my goals.  Even if I didn’t fully believe or live by them at the time, I knew I had to start somewhere, had to just start declaring.  One of the most difficult goals I explored a great deal this year  was learning how to be alone, with my artwork; focused.   I have learned that most Friday and Saturday nights are better spent listening to some good tunes, enjoying a home cooked meal, and working on my art.  Most important was finally recognizing how wretched I would act on a night out drinking with my peers and acknowledging that my brain was simply trying to get my attention, blinking a bright red warning message that screamed “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU SHOULD BE WORKING ON YOUR ART”.  A year ago I was all mixed up and headed down a very long and dark path to nowhere; sure, there was company but, as they say, misery loves company.

In this past year, I made it across the country, settled into a new home, befriended a whole new family who call themselves my “California family” and with them I know I will always be welcome.  I found a job with the craziest of the crazies, moved to Los Angeles, LOS ANGELES, and I am now working at one of the only ceramics studios in the greater L.A. area as a teacher and assistant, making my own art and selling it (  This weekend, I am putting together a sidewalk sale for the studio and next weekend I am creating my own art opening/gallery in my garden.  IN MY GARDEN.  How many people did I tell in the past year that I was going to have a garden? A ton. Plus a while mess of strangers.

The most important lesson learned: My family is proud of me and they support me – words can’t even hope to describe what that means to me.

On being scared:  I get scared ALL the time.  But I read over this last paragraph and there is nothing I should be disappointed about, nothing I feel I would go back and change.  It is a scary and often lonely road, the road you create, but it is worth it. 100%.


All that you gather Part 2

For the past few days I’ve been distracted. Going through the motions of my day while my thoughts are elsewhere. I’ve been running multiple times a day; it gives me an out and I can focus on running instead of 1.where am I going to come up with my rent, 2.whether my art is even worth making at all, and 3.if I make it, will anybody buy it?

There are a few things that don’t work with that mindset: 1. I’ve already declared that this month I will pay for my rent from money I make by selling my art. There’s no Plan B, for when Plan A doesn’t work because Plan A will work. There’s no other option than its success. I’ve been getting scared and doubtful – but there’s no need for that. I have faith. I have manifesting power! After all, is there anything in my life that I’ve set an intention on and haven’t received? nope.
2.of course my art is worth making.
What a silly thought.
3. Doesn’t matter; make the art, send it into the world, people will respond.

Speaking of responding…as soon as I reset my intentions (see above), I
discovered a new technique for transferring an image onto clay using matte medium. Didn’t cost me a thing, I already had all the supplies I needed; I’ve been lugging them around move after move…it’s interesting how the things you gather always come around again.



The best day

I thought I knew happiness but I had no freaking ideeeeeaaaa…today was a whole day of happy; being curious, taking the time to explore, meeting new friends. Today I met a woman who is the head gardener at a beautiful space in L.A. She works at the studio on weekends teaching kids classes and seemed super eager to help get my garden going. She is a deeply rooted energy, you can almost see the connect between her lower back and what grounds her to the Earth. We talked about “planting” earthworms, harvesting honey from the hive in the garden, and the importance of growing your own food. I learned that bees only fly in a straight line, left or right of their hive, when looking for pollinating areas, which made me wonder what happened to the flight path of the bee I stepped on yesterday.

Photo adventure for everything else.









Tonight I’m playing around with different ways of displaying the little porcelain orbs I made a few years ago. When lit from within, the orbs become translucent and the most intricate areas on the surface are illuminated. While the whole piece is aesthetically pleasing, it’s these areas of ornate detail that are the highlight…and they can only be seen when lit this way. I originally displayed them on a black velvet fabric but had some critical feedback that mostly suggested I never display them that way again. Tonight I combined some of my favorite materials and photographed the results, remembering a suggestion I’ve heard on multiple occasions: maybe my artwork is shown via photographs.