Celebrating women

Three shots deep, my dentist says to me “Happy Women’s Day!”

I had no idea what she was talking about but I never pass up an occasion to celebrate, especially a celebration of women. If I had know that this was coming, I would have been prepared and armed with little heart stickers or tiny little cards. But there I was, blindsided by International Women’s Day. How could this be? How did I not know?! Why don’t we celebrate this all out back home!? Now, in a country that hasn’t had the best rap sheet for celebrating its women citizens, would they be celebrating?? Or was my dentist a radical feminist and everyday was Women’s Day?! All valid questions.

After my cavities were kicked and lovely fillings complete I wandered into the lobby where there were two women. Perfect. Ignoring the reception desk man asking something about payment, I headed for the women. “Happy Women’s Day!!” They both beamed, thanked me, and wished me a happy day as well. YES! It was true! A celebration was afoot! Every single woman I came across along the way yesterday, through two more doctors appointments across town and a trip to the market, received a hug and a very sincere wish that they have the best day ever.



One billion punches

One in three women will be the victim of violence. 1 in 3.

As women, we don’t need a statistic like this this. We don’t need it spelled out. We live it every day whether we are experiencing it ourselves or we know someone who is; one in three hits too close to home.

I attended a presentation today by Patrick Moore who is on a mission to fight back against violence towards women in a new way.

We’re not lighting candles. We’re not collecting signatures. We’re collecting punches. A billion of them. Because that’s how many women, on the planet today, will experience violence. That’s one in three. That’s one billion too many. A punch is a symbol of defiance, strength and action. It says we’ve had enough. And it declares to the world that violence is not OK. Not now.
Not ever.

There are debates world wide about the protection of women especially here in India or even in the U.S. with the gun control fiasco, some of that debate being about whether women should or should not be able to use a gun for self protection. One billion punches starts at the source. The woman. Because when an attack happens, courage and strength will be most effective and can only come from within. Fight back. Spread awareness.

Please visit http://onebillionpunches.org/ to read more and upload a photo showing you are aware! Stop the violence!