A very special birthday

Amazing, beautiful people come into our lives often. They come with inspiration. They are light within the dark. They are exactly what you need and they are always right on time.

Yeah, well, this girl…this girl will blow all others out of the water.

Lauren is difficult to describe in words and is a force that must be experienced first hand. Aren’t the best always that way?

It’s her birthday and I couldn’t be more grateful to have such an energy in my life. Her ambition is nothing to get in the way of. She is an inspiration and true to the word, she’s reversing the “limelight” and looking for others who inspire. Her new show is just in the beginning stages; even more of a reason to show support. One way you can do that is by heading over and “liking” her Facebook page at lodownshow.

If you or someone you know is inspiring positive change and would like to share their story so Lo can get lost in it, send her an email at lodownshow@gmail.com. She would love to hear from you.

Happy birthday Lauren! We are all lost and in love with your story 🙂




The best day

I thought I knew happiness but I had no freaking ideeeeeaaaa…today was a whole day of happy; being curious, taking the time to explore, meeting new friends. Today I met a woman who is the head gardener at a beautiful space in L.A. She works at the studio on weekends teaching kids classes and seemed super eager to help get my garden going. She is a deeply rooted energy, you can almost see the connect between her lower back and what grounds her to the Earth. We talked about “planting” earthworms, harvesting honey from the hive in the garden, and the importance of growing your own food. I learned that bees only fly in a straight line, left or right of their hive, when looking for pollinating areas, which made me wonder what happened to the flight path of the bee I stepped on yesterday.

Photo adventure for everything else.