All that you gather Part 2

For the past few days I’ve been distracted. Going through the motions of my day while my thoughts are elsewhere. I’ve been running multiple times a day; it gives me an out and I can focus on running instead of 1.where am I going to come up with my rent, 2.whether my art is even worth making at all, and 3.if I make it, will anybody buy it?

There are a few things that don’t work with that mindset: 1. I’ve already declared that this month I will pay for my rent from money I make by selling my art. There’s no Plan B, for when Plan A doesn’t work because Plan A will work. There’s no other option than its success. I’ve been getting scared and doubtful – but there’s no need for that. I have faith. I have manifesting power! After all, is there anything in my life that I’ve set an intention on and haven’t received? nope.
2.of course my art is worth making.
What a silly thought.
3. Doesn’t matter; make the art, send it into the world, people will respond.

Speaking of responding…as soon as I reset my intentions (see above), I
discovered a new technique for transferring an image onto clay using matte medium. Didn’t cost me a thing, I already had all the supplies I needed; I’ve been lugging them around move after move…it’s interesting how the things you gather always come around again.