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I just met myself

As I walked back to class this afternoon, my head was down trying to navigate through the various substances that puddle in the street. I was also deep in thought, having let thoughts of home, class, practice this morning, etc. carry me away from the present moment. Back in the present moment, a little girl was heading my way. She was riding a rickety old bicycle, two sizes two big, and yelling to me. I almost did not notice her. Initially, her voice couldn’t reach my mind that was so deep in thought, so far from the present moment. Luckily, she kept trying and as our paths came closer and closer I heard a familiar phrase intermingling with her native Hindi words: “High-five!!” I looked up quickly, hoping it was meant for me and that I wasn’t too late to take part. I wasn’t! There she was, heading straight for me, recklessly trying to keep the bike upright with one hand, the other stretched out ready to meet mine.

What a fantastic afternoon, what a fantastic reminder of human contact, love, and moments of pure happiness.