No more coconut cookies: a resolution

Many of the fantastic people I’ve met during my India/yoga journey are jaded by their American experience. The reasons range from politics to the food industry to unemployment but the theme is the same: We are leaving the U.S. and taking our talents elsewhere. I understand this aversion but cannot overlook a very real concern: We all can’t just leave. Some of us need to stay and help. We need to return home with these ideas, techniques, skills and share them; that’s the only way things will get better. So in just over two weeks, I’ll be returning to Virginia and I will be hitting the ground running. Here are some resolutions to start with:

– From here on, no more processed foods. Furthermore, what I do consume will be local, seasonal and organic to the great Shenandoah Valley. No more coconut cookies, no more tortilla chips (oh man), no more chocolate, no more of a lot of stuff. Does wine fall in the no more category? If it’s local, seasonal, organic…I can find that, right?
– Support local VA farmers! Find them, learn from them, buy from them! Most of all, love and appreciate the wonderful work they do. Integrate their work with my work: yoga and food. A holistic relationship.
– Yoga retreats: I’ll be starting up yoga retreats in the Blue Ridge Mountains by August. The beginning stages of a yoga platform are already coming together, with big flowing curtains of Indian fabric that can be tied back during practice or let down for meditation. Also, there is a plan for a floating yoga platform in the middle of a lake. An important part of the retreats will be organic, fresh meals prepared by a good friend and phenomenal chef who is committed to seasonal, nutritious and delicious food. I’ll also be teaching food mediation classes on why we eat, how to eat, and what to eat to improve our health, physically and mentally.

Ready, set, GO!


Nothing is the space required for something

I’ve had such a beautiful show of support since my post about where to go from here. People have shared their stories of struggling with similar situations and, with a sincere wish for the best, they encourage me to be patient. Thank you to everyone who reached out; I am very grateful.

The last few days have brought a shift from a limited scope of the mind to no scope at all: A situation that I had invested in, mostly with love (the most expensive currency), and on which I had been relying for support was suddenly taken away. My plan of where I was going from here was destroyed, shattered by another individual’s ignorant choices. My choice: leave that situation behind. This meant letting go of the plan I had settled on. I was scared. I found myself in a panic, thinking what have I done in letting this situation go!?? I am left with no plan!

Nothing is the space required for something.

I learned today that in order to have something you have to make space for it to exist. Space is the lack of object: no thing: nothing. By letting go of the plan I had limited myself to, I opened up to infinite possibilities.

Celebrating women

Three shots deep, my dentist says to me “Happy Women’s Day!”

I had no idea what she was talking about but I never pass up an occasion to celebrate, especially a celebration of women. If I had know that this was coming, I would have been prepared and armed with little heart stickers or tiny little cards. But there I was, blindsided by International Women’s Day. How could this be? How did I not know?! Why don’t we celebrate this all out back home!? Now, in a country that hasn’t had the best rap sheet for celebrating its women citizens, would they be celebrating?? Or was my dentist a radical feminist and everyday was Women’s Day?! All valid questions.

After my cavities were kicked and lovely fillings complete I wandered into the lobby where there were two women. Perfect. Ignoring the reception desk man asking something about payment, I headed for the women. “Happy Women’s Day!!” They both beamed, thanked me, and wished me a happy day as well. YES! It was true! A celebration was afoot! Every single woman I came across along the way yesterday, through two more doctors appointments across town and a trip to the market, received a hug and a very sincere wish that they have the best day ever.


A very special birthday

Amazing, beautiful people come into our lives often. They come with inspiration. They are light within the dark. They are exactly what you need and they are always right on time.

Yeah, well, this girl…this girl will blow all others out of the water.

Lauren is difficult to describe in words and is a force that must be experienced first hand. Aren’t the best always that way?

It’s her birthday and I couldn’t be more grateful to have such an energy in my life. Her ambition is nothing to get in the way of. She is an inspiration and true to the word, she’s reversing the “limelight” and looking for others who inspire. Her new show is just in the beginning stages; even more of a reason to show support. One way you can do that is by heading over and “liking” her Facebook page at lodownshow.

If you or someone you know is inspiring positive change and would like to share their story so Lo can get lost in it, send her an email at She would love to hear from you.

Happy birthday Lauren! We are all lost and in love with your story 🙂




Tonight I’m playing around with different ways of displaying the little porcelain orbs I made a few years ago. When lit from within, the orbs become translucent and the most intricate areas on the surface are illuminated. While the whole piece is aesthetically pleasing, it’s these areas of ornate detail that are the highlight…and they can only be seen when lit this way. I originally displayed them on a black velvet fabric but had some critical feedback that mostly suggested I never display them that way again. Tonight I combined some of my favorite materials and photographed the results, remembering a suggestion I’ve heard on multiple occasions: maybe my artwork is shown via photographs.