The girl who came from the sun

Yellow was my mantra today, in retrospect. An inspiration for a sun themed yoga class. And again I see that as soon as you have a question, you immediately have the answer.










A photo adventure documenting an inversion workshop Ali and I did today. One of the poses we focused on was Vrischikasana (Scorpion Pose). The benefits of this pose include:
– building strength in torso, back, arms, and shoulders
– improving stamina, endurance, and balance

Vrischikasana is an inverted back bend and the stretching of the torso and compression of the back is very intense. After becoming comfortable with non-inverted backbend postures like Ardha Salabhasana (Half Locust pose), Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), or Dhanurasana (Bow Pose), begin easing the body into Vrischikasana, using a partner and a wall for support. Always counterpose any backbend with a pose like Balasana (Child Pose) to release the lower back.

20130330-213600.jpg Coming up was a bit of a challenge, which I plan on addressing in a post about handstands!

This wall was perfect because of the ledge; it provided added structure and support as I explored how far I could go in the pose. We added the bolster for height and once I experienced that I could go farther, we moved it away. Be creative in making your own ledge, perhaps with the back of a chair or desk edge. Introduce padding with pillows or blankets.
Ali helped ensure I wasn’t collapsing my shoulders or lower back by gentlly pulling up on my legs.
Always release a pose the same way you got into: slow and controlled.

I’m about to go off about the body



Learning about human anatomy during yoga teacher training has been similar to a college level intro to Biology class. Both times, I’ve had the same reaction: fall on the floor with amazement about how this body manages to work all its systems as a whole, from the smallest cell to the largest organ, from the smallest muscles in your pinky toe to the ever working heart muscle that pumps blood to your entire body. (fun fact: the largest solid organ in the body is the liver; it may be big but you only get one, so take care of it.) I always have way to many questions that nobody wants to answer like: !!!!!how does the left lung even know that the heart is there and therefore it can only have two lobes?!? How does it know?!!! Awesome engineering.


My, what an intimate pose

6 am practice on our day off; Steve and I were the only ones to show and hot damn, it was a great practice. Having the opportunity to be adjusted into the correct posture, each side, for two hours was fantastic. Steve also demonstrated some rather sensual poses that I couldn’t snap pictures of because I was too distracted by his commentary. Add it to his erotic arsenal, I guess!

It has stopped raining and after a few hours of study, I’m heading into town. Most of the others have disappeared on an adventure to hear the spiritual man Mooji speak today; looking forward to hearing about their experience.

Luckily, I read last night that according to yoga philosophy, we already have all the answers, we just need to focus inward.