After experiencing the most phenomenal Indian food while in Rishikesh, I’ve been trying to recreate some of it here in Delhi. Indian food seems to have a common base of spices and has been quick to throw together. I also don’t end up with a bunch of pots and pans to clean; most recipes are one pan only, cooking veggies in a sauce mixture for a few minutes…then, done! Healthy and tasty. Here’s some of what I’ve been trying:

Sunrise special

20130308-031525.jpg Bhindi – fantastic Indian dish made with ochre. Here’s the recipe I used:

20130308-032018.jpg The beginning stage of aloo gobi. So good! Here’s the recipe:

20130308-032650.jpg Vegetable korma. I failed on this one as I didn’t read the entire recipe before starting. Who puts “diced, cooked, cooled potato – 2” in the ingredients list?? That’s not an ingredient, that’s a cooking step!


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