Water is lost; vessels constrict

I’m laid out again with another severe headache. I know it’s due to dehydration. It’s been over 100 degrees here every day for the last few weeks and I’ve been yogurting and running every day. I’ve also been fasting and only eating two meals a day. All these factors have contributed to a general shift in my body and today it’s manifesting as a headache. Curious though, as I sit here and sip my electrolyte water from a bendy straw…how do dehydration and headaches relate. Internet!

What’s Happening in the Body When You Have a Dehydration Headache?

It’s not known precisely how dehydration causes headaches. According to some experts, it’s a by-product of the body’s effort to maintain adequate fluid levels. The blood vessels narrow, reducing the brain’s supply of blood and oxygen. According to LeWine, the brain can’t feel pain, so the headache discomfort may result from pain receptors in the lining that surrounds the brain. The loss of electrolytes may also contribute to dehydration headaches.

Must be sweeter to the hippie body.


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