Partner Yoga










1. Spiritual gangsters
2. Like little hippie sponges
3. Your butt is like a shelf for my butt
4. Two sides
5. Same coin
6. Lift
7. Flying bow
8. The hippie crashes to the ground, partner narrowly misses certain death
9. A borrowed tantra pose; we all were wanting our men for this pose.
10. Duh.


7 thoughts on “Partner Yoga

      • Aww, thank you. 🙂

        I love reading your blog. It’s funny, you know – when I first decided to go to India, I don’t really know what I was thinking. I went to Thailand before it, and my family forbade me from going to India (me, a woman grown!) …and I just went on a whim, anyhow. I thought “I like curry, how bad could it be?”

        And at first, it was awful. But it was awful and wonderful, and even though I was in tears on my first day in Mumbai, and I was sick, and I was so, SO lonely…I survived. And I didn’t -just- survive, I thrived. What I first saw as chaos and noise became a chai wallah selling wares, a wife buying groceries at a local stand, and a husband on his way to work. I learned that street food really won’t hurt you that badly, and that the best eats come from the homes of strangers. I came to accept that it’s better not to question the puddles on the side of the street, and that if you are a single, white female, going to Punjab by yourself, every village you pass through is going to want to meet you. (and if you are a single, white female in Goa, they’ll try to take you “home”…)

        And these people took me into their homes, and into their hearts, and I left a trail of welcome mats and empty tea cups behind me, everywhere I went.

        I fell in love with Indians, and I fell in love with India. And I just really like reading about somebody else, out there, falling in love with all the things I fell in love with.


      • I cried reading this. Maybe it’s all the emotion released in my deep tissue massage yesterday. Or maybe it’s because my moon cycle is in full force, anger mode this week. But mostly I think it’s because when you read someone else words that describe exactly the mental shift you are experiencing, it’s connective. We burrow ourselves into these claustrophobic, airtight personalities in order to relate to others but we end up moving farther away. We start to feel alone, even in big crowds. I used to think that you have to break down that personality shell through an experience like getting wrecked by India. But now I see that here are two girls who couldn’t be father apart or closer together. In any situation, India or not, we have barriers, obstacles. In India, you can see the shift in perspective though so clearly (from annoying chaos to a woman simply buying groceries, GREAT example) and I hadn’t recognized it until I read your post. And now that I’ve recognized that shift, I can keep it with me forever, no matter where I go. Nothing is as bad as it seems and in the end we are all the same. Beautiful bliss souls trying to make it.

        Much, much love to you.

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