The Swimming Cities of Serenissima

20130330-230005.jpgOne of the most beautiful, inspiring privileges of being human: we can manifest anything we want. Anything. We do it all the time but we call it different things. The computer you are using right now is a physical manifestation of a thought. Extrapolate this notion to everything we see, experience. If we are, at our core,pure creative consciousness and everything around us is a manifestation of that and therefore also creative consciousness, then we can bring any thing or any situation into existence.
Anyway, when someone does this, really manifests something brilliant and inspiring, it’s so wonderful. People respond with love because we all recognize a piece of ourselves in their manifesting. Take Swoon for example: She dreamed about boats and the ocean which eventually manifested as a fleet of repurposed rubbish floating across the Adriatic Sea. An inspiring interview with her can be found here; I highly recommend a look! The photographs alone are stunning.





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