A photo adventure documenting an inversion workshop Ali and I did today. One of the poses we focused on was Vrischikasana (Scorpion Pose). The benefits of this pose include:
– building strength in torso, back, arms, and shoulders
– improving stamina, endurance, and balance

Vrischikasana is an inverted back bend and the stretching of the torso and compression of the back is very intense. After becoming comfortable with non-inverted backbend postures like Ardha Salabhasana (Half Locust pose), Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), or Dhanurasana (Bow Pose), begin easing the body into Vrischikasana, using a partner and a wall for support. Always counterpose any backbend with a pose like Balasana (Child Pose) to release the lower back.

20130330-213600.jpg Coming up was a bit of a challenge, which I plan on addressing in a post about handstands!

This wall was perfect because of the ledge; it provided added structure and support as I explored how far I could go in the pose. We added the bolster for height and once I experienced that I could go farther, we moved it away. Be creative in making your own ledge, perhaps with the back of a chair or desk edge. Introduce padding with pillows or blankets.
Ali helped ensure I wasn’t collapsing my shoulders or lower back by gentlly pulling up on my legs.
Always release a pose the same way you got into: slow and controlled.


3 thoughts on “Scorpion

  1. I’ve learned scorpion in a hallway. Came from dolphin, then walked my legs up the wall into inverted L. I stayed in L for a while, then lifted one leg at a time. If you drift back, the wall is there. Then slow bent my legs. It was a rush. I got excited and then crashed. It was OK though. I owned those seconds.

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