Darkness always leads to light

…And even the darkest nights give rise to the brightest days. Or how about: chaos always precedes great change…

No cliché will get me through the troubled waters I am in. And so, we come to the mind.

It’s been described that thoughts are pebbles which disturb the placid lake that is the mind. These ripples that are produced by the pebbles obscure the true nature of the bottom of the lake, where much of its ecosystem flourishes. Similarly, the thoughts that jostle each other for space in my mind create significant ripples or distraction, disrupting the inherent freedom I have to stand in my dharma, my uniqueness. It’s my life purpose to find out what flourishes in me and then live that everyday. The thoughts are nothing but disturbances that can be stopped, so long as I stop throwing them.

Today, I reached out to a beautiful instructor in Aruba, offering to teach grounding and yin yoga classes for her upcoming retreats. Why restrict ourselves when we can expand infinitely?

Ain’t that the truth!


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