Level up, hippie.

We are knee-deep in philosophy and Roshan is dropping some fantastic knowledge. We are discussing how the mind is a filter through which inner consciousness (the soul, if you will) sees outer consciousness (matter). I raise my hand and ask why this barrier has to exist: if we are consciousness and matter is consciousness then why does this veil (mind) exist that clouds our perception? The mind is causing all this ruckus with its coloring of what we observe. It seems that our perception is LIMITED by the mind. I gave an example of a flower. When I see a flower, I touch it and think it is soft. I smell it and think it is fragrant. I see its color and think it is vibrant. Through my five senses I am experiencing consciousness which is manifesting as a flower. But the same consciousness is manifesting as me or you or this computer. So, in this example, if we agree that we have pure consciousness (me) looking at pure consciousness (the flower), then the mind just gets in the way, right? Because really (and then I said it:)

I AM the flower but because of my mind I experience the flower as separate from me.”

Oh man. Super hippie, level up.


2 thoughts on “Level up, hippie.

  1. Thank you for this posting……it is absolutely true! The mind is simply a tool of Division, it can only experience things by contrast, comparison, separating and observing in this state. Even our cells and matter are limited IN THEIR OWN REALITY by the physical mind (for there are various layers of the mind going down right into matter itself). When we can bring pure Consciousness into our cells and allow them to awaken to their own light and Divine Source Within, just as we must in our own mental and vital/emotional bodies, then they become free and able to act in ways that humanity has not yet even imagined…..this is the next Leap, actually. When all the parts of our Being are united and identified around our Divine Center/Source, free of the mental ego, free of the vital ego, then we will experience a new Life where we are conscious of our Unity with All, not only in awareness but in our physical, material bodies…..but this is perhaps a longer Journey! Anyway, I appreciate the post and hope you continue to Be the Flower, more and more…… blessings on your Journey.

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