I’ve heard that before

I’ve got to be more careful about the things I imagine. I have focused my ability to manifest things so much so that as of late, if I think it, it happens.

Take tonight for example. I’m relaxed and reading before bed. The book is based in India and the author has created wonderfully vivid imagery of the Indian landscape and experience. I had just read the main character describing the bits of schooling he had as being like lizards dropping from the ceiling. A few pages later, I look up and there on the wall is the heftiest gecko I’ve ever seen. It was somewhere between a tree frog and a Monterey dragon. What’s a girl to do? I called down to the front desk and after a few rounds of “There’s a lizard in my room” // “There’s a what?” // “A lizard” // “What?” he decided to come investigate. He checked all the corners and shook the curtains before concluding that the lizard had gone back outside. Before leaving, he grabbed my hand, looked at me sternly and said with the thickest accent, “You know, they are just as afraid of you as you are of them.”

Some ideas ring so true they transcend language and space. Also, that lizard has no idea the level of afraid I’m on!


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