Summer has arrived

Washing and chopping veggies and fruits, singing along to old tunes. The screen door is letting in a fresh breeze and the sunshine is warming the air. The grill is going and there’s tea on ice. There are baseball games happening across the way and you hear the fans cheering mix with splashing from the pool. It’s summer. It’s so comforting to be experiencing this and for a second I have a terrible thought that maybe I’m dreaming this. I remind myself that I am in the middle of one of the most chaotic cities in the world, in a foreign country, far from the good old American summers I love, as if this might bring reality back into focus. I can’t be loving it here. I can’t possibly say that I am having a good time! But everything keeps on just as it is: the sun, the breeze, the iced tea. Summer has arrived in New Delhi and I’m completely in love with it.








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