Celebrating women

Three shots deep, my dentist says to me “Happy Women’s Day!”

I had no idea what she was talking about but I never pass up an occasion to celebrate, especially a celebration of women. If I had know that this was coming, I would have been prepared and armed with little heart stickers or tiny little cards. But there I was, blindsided by International Women’s Day. How could this be? How did I not know?! Why don’t we celebrate this all out back home!? Now, in a country that hasn’t had the best rap sheet for celebrating its women citizens, would they be celebrating?? Or was my dentist a radical feminist and everyday was Women’s Day?! All valid questions.

After my cavities were kicked and lovely fillings complete I wandered into the lobby where there were two women. Perfect. Ignoring the reception desk man asking something about payment, I headed for the women. “Happy Women’s Day!!” They both beamed, thanked me, and wished me a happy day as well. YES! It was true! A celebration was afoot! Every single woman I came across along the way yesterday, through two more doctors appointments across town and a trip to the market, received a hug and a very sincere wish that they have the best day ever.



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