A brief note on things I won’t take for granted ever again

1. Washing machines: Never again will I thoughtlessly toss my clothes into the washer. I will always pause to recount the month I spent washing my sweaty, dusty, aryuveda oiled clothes by hand, which inevitably resulted in a pile of uniformly dirty clothes. I was never really able to remove the dirt but always successful in distributing it evenly as my clothes sat stagnant in a bucket of hot water, mingling with each other, telling stories of where’d they had been, how they got dirty, and sharing their unique sets of dirt particles, probably yelling “There is plenty to go around!”
Meanwhile, I was using the metal end of the squeegee for my bathroom to toss the clothes, unsuccessfully.
I don’t believe in boredom anymore and I will have no patience for someone who complains that they are bored…Bored? Go wash your clothes by hand. Start there then come back; there’s more.
Now, back in the belly of the beast, I pop open the washer lid to (with awareness and purpose) gently place a few more items in this wash cycle. I can see the massage oil and dust particles swirling in the water. I can’t help myself. I reach into the washer and with a cupped hand scoop up a bit of the water. It feels fantastically disgusting and I know in this moment I will never be as good as my washing machine. I am grateful for that washing machine.
2. Hot showers: like a washing machine for my body.


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