I’m about to go off about the body



Learning about human anatomy during yoga teacher training has been similar to a college level intro to Biology class. Both times, I’ve had the same reaction: fall on the floor with amazement about how this body manages to work all its systems as a whole, from the smallest cell to the largest organ, from the smallest muscles in your pinky toe to the ever working heart muscle that pumps blood to your entire body. (fun fact: the largest solid organ in the body is the liver; it may be big but you only get one, so take care of it.) I always have way to many questions that nobody wants to answer like: !!!!!how does the left lung even know that the heart is there and therefore it can only have two lobes?!? How does it know?!!! Awesome engineering.



2 thoughts on “I’m about to go off about the body

  1. Even more, the body is Awakening……the cells even are Awakening…….to Something Else! I appreciate your amazement of the human body (and so does your body!). : ) Best Wishes.

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