No men, mirrors, or meat

6 am yoga. Every day.

No meat or eggs for three weeks now.

Result: I’m not so “meaty” round the tummy.

No men. No meat. No problems.


4 thoughts on “No men, mirrors, or meat

    • I’ve been here since December…a month in New Delhi almost ruined me all together. But I’ve been in Rishikesh for three weeks now and it’s a wonderful spot. Green, spacious, has shopping but its condensed and far from me, which is best for my wallet. I’m completing a yoga teaching course next week (one month course, 200hour certification), will take a few weeks off, then I’ll be back in Rishikesh mid March to complete another yoga training for 300 hours. Then…?

      Did you make it to Rishikesh in your travels? Definitely the place to be for yoga and anything Ayurvedic. Prices are a steal with 2 hr yoga classes going for INR 200 ($4). Our hotel has an Ayurveda clinic which is quite nice. Although one of the girls did experience some nipple pinching during her last massage…

      • You stayed a MONTH in Delhi? I was there for a week, and I don’t really relish the idea of going back anytime soon.

        No, I never made it to Rishikesh. I was in Mumbai, Delhi, I spent some time WOOFing with a family in a little village on the Punjab/Haryana border, and some time in Goa, because I was at the end of a three month trip and well, I just wanted to lay down for a while! (I was in Thailand for six weeks prior to coming to India).

        Does your yoga cert. transfer back to the western world? I probably won’t be back for a few years, but I’d really love to do that there, and then come back to Canada and teach it.

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