Safe Arrival in Rishikesh + ESPN

Landed from Bangkok at 4pm; home for a few hours to wash and repack; on the road to yoga teacher training in Rishikesh by 10:30. 

Slept most of the drive, which was a bouncy, beeping, mess on wheels. The soundtrack was a local Indian pop station…a fantastic listen, actually. I only regret not knowing how to find those songs again. 

Arrival to bridge that connection to Rishikesh around 3:30 AM where I as met by 3 gentlemen and 2 motorcycles.  The bridge is closed during the night so passage was limited to a 25 min walk in freezing rain or 7 min motorcycle ride. After a hilarious balancing act, all my luggage was piled up like a teetering Jenga tower on one motorcycle and was headed across the bridge.  I hopped on the back of the other ‘cycle and off we went.  Even in the dark, the city looked amazing. Much less crowded than Delhi, much cleaner.  

My room overlooks a mountain range, has wi-fi, private bath, and a TV…the only English channel I have come across is ESPN. I guess I can run, but true to the saying, I cannot hide. 


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