Clint Eastwood was definitely drunk.

Clint Eastwood HAD to have been drunk.  Let’s hope so.  While we’re at it, let’s hope all the Republicans who were whooping and hollering at his speech thought he was drunk too and the only reason they were whooping and hollering was because they felt sorry for him.   I am all for rallying and being hyped but I couldn’t understand a word Mr. Eastwood said after “They are like-minded like all of us”.   What?

Gently switching gears….

(not that I believe our votes have the slightest impact on who actually gets into office butttttt) I think the elections have become more and more just a downward spiral of voting for whoever is most likely to screw up less.  I’ll talk policy all day but politicians make me sick.  Those in their immediate campaign are even more repulsive.  Tell ya what. I’ll keep the money I make, carry a weapon if I want, and eventually buy a piece of land with an awesome barn on it of which the government will stay the eff away from.  You can take that all the way to the voting booth, along with these quotes in mind:


12 Classic Movie Quotes Clint Eastwood Can Use at the RNC


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