Being more than ordinary

Just watched a TEDTalk about The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.  The group, created by a man who saw phenomenal talent within a growing underground community, is a collection of dancers with various styles.  It is a network of individuals who are collaborating and sharing their passion with other like-minded artists.  Watching the footage (you can find a clip below), I was inspired most by the sense of belonging, the sense of worth and validation these dancers must feel.  I had my own judgements of “b-boys” and “krumping” and none of them were necessarily very positive.  This Legion not only gave these dancers an opportunity for community but labeled them up there with Superman; heroes.  All the dancers are dressed like they are part of a “league” and have patches denoting league status.  Given these super human abilities, indeed I would say they are super heroes…There are a lot of different types of heroes and I would say one of my favorite kinds is someone who believes in their passion and let’s nothing in between their dream and making it a reality.  Truly inspiring.


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